About us

Discovering matcha and its benefits was an extremely positive experience. However, finding authentic, high-quality matcha for daily consumption was a challenge, even when searching abroad, as local cafes did not always offer the authenticity and flavor I was looking for. This is what gave birth to the idea of bringing genuine Japanese matcha to Lithuania. But it all started from the beginning...

In the search for the perfect supplier, I had to become acquainted with various products offered by candidates, but nothing could compare to what I found in Japan. The gentle, sweet taste, vibrant green color, and the meticulous process of growing matcha truly captivated me.

Since the timing of the harvest holds the secret to excellent matcha, our supplier offered the finest ceremonial matcha, harvested from the first crop each year, and culinary matcha, a blend of the first and second crops. The choice of these first crops ensures a subtle flavor, avoiding the bitterness often found in late harvests. Now, with great joy, we not only offer exceptional ceremonial matcha but also an incomparable culinary matcha that is versatile and highly accessible.

This product emerged from a deep and sincere love for matcha, and our entire team takes pride in sharing this extraordinary gift of nature with everyone.