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Matcha Patcha

Matcha tea set (Dark Brown) + Culinary matcha 30g

Matcha tea set (Dark Brown) + Culinary matcha 30g

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Matcha tea ceremony set with ceremonial matcha.

Set components and materials:

  • Bowl (ceramic)
  • Whisk holder (ceramic)
  • Whisk (bamboo)
  • Scoop (bamboo)
  • Ceremonial matcha 30g

Matcha specifications:

Ingredients: 100% matcha powder

Origin: Japan, Shizuoka

Taste profile: Expressive, creamy, and perfectly balanced combination of sweetness and subtle bitterness.

Matcha Patcha culinary matcha is distinguished by its refreshing vegetal aroma with a light touch of bitterness. This matcha is an excellent choice for making various beverages and dishes while maintaining the vibrancy of color and intensity of flavor. When using this culinary matcha, drinks and culinary creations not only acquire a beautiful color but also a subtle taste that adds a special charm.

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